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recent work
Livvi Ferrari

Author and theorist Margaret Irvington writes, “Frued drew the analogy between photographic and psychic deferred action: the latter may be made ‘more comprehensible by comparing it with a photographic exposure which can be developed after any interval of time and transformed into a picture…’[photography] nevertheless functions as a productive metaphor for the psyche’s receptivity to and retention of accidental impressions that subtend conscious experience.”

This body of work explores the impact trauma has on thinking and seeing. It is directly related to personal experiences of sexual violence and how memories of the past effect the present. The medium of photography is inherently linked to the processing of traumatic events. These images work as a gesture of release and allow me to depict what living with PTSD is like. I took many still lives and landscapes, which depict my relationships to certain objects and places in the aftermath of my trauma. I also took portraits of friends and family members, speifically my mother and her mother, who are also survivors of rape. Many of my images portray night terrors or nightmares which began to resemble my images and vice versa. I have additionally been exploring my relationship to my body, dissociation, flashbacks, and the cyclic nature of trauma and its ability to interrupt the linear narrative of life.


Liv Ferrari is a photographer from New York currently studying at Bard College. Her love for photography began when she took classes at the International Center of Photography in High School. She is currently working on publishing her first book with Gilles Peress as her mentor. More of her work can be seen at