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the rocks were still warm
Sam Darby

The Rocks Were Still Warmis an ongoing series examining the peak sunlight season in the northern regions of Iceland. In the Summer months of June and July, Iceland can experience up to 22 hours of sunlight, leaving only a few hours of twilight a day. Like many other northern countries, this harsh sunlight impacts both the landscape and the people within it; leaving many creating ways to adapt to these extreme shifts of light. The Rocks Were Still Warmcaptures the vast openness of this sun-bathed region paired with its subtle and quiet moments of twilight.


Sam Darby (b. 1993) is a photographer and designer based in Greensboro North Carolina. Working in a traditional Darkroom, Sam enjoys the tactile nature of the physical print and the impact an image can have when held in your own hands. He hopes to start an imprint this summer with a focus on small and in-progress photographic work in the form of handbound artist books. Sam’s ongoing body of work The Rocks Were Still Warm examines light, and how it’s scarcity and abundance affects one of the most northern regions of Iceland. More of his work can be seen at