FROM HERE ON OUT          

in progress
Emme Rovins

I hunt for vestiges of a celestial body. I don’t know what that phrase means, but I’m fascinated by its irony. I return to the well every night in hopes of finding evidence in the reflection of the night sky at the bottom, but my shadow fills the hole and all I can see is black. Now, I watch for when the darkness appears on the surface of my shadow. Up until this point, I had never observed a form able to separate from itself in this manner, simultaneously expanding and contracting. What I have come to understand, however, is that her presence is something you can feel, reach out and grab. Though I still question whether she is a bed for our bodies to lay on, or a vessel to swallow us in.


Emme Rovins (b. 1997, Southern New Jersey) is a photographer currently based in Austin, Texas. Rovins’s reverence for the natural world alongside her progressively intricate understanding of the relationship between sexuality and identity culminates in her photographic practice. Weaving aspects of the landscape into visual metaphors, Rovins negotiates her relationship to the land in order to gain a deeper understanding of her own sexuality. She considers the lineage of landscape photography throughout the history of the medium, particularly due to its male domination, as she ritualizes the act of a woman exploring the woods under the cover of darkness. More of hiser work can see at