FROM HERE ON OUT          

when light is put away

evan perkins

Using the visual languages of both science and fantasy, When Light is Put Away creates a landscape of astral ambiguity, a place peculiarly rooted in the familiar. The world rendered is one of the naturally uncanny and enchanting, a seductive landscape in which the line between present-day Earth and prospective otherworldly terrain is blurred. The images further depict an isolated world caught amid a semblance of construction and disrepair. Man-made structures are stripped of their contexts and highlight their own obsolescence. This new landscape adopts contradictions of  virulent and destructive sense of beauty, revealing traces of natural resilience in spite of an unknown posterity.


Evan Perkins is a Boston-based artist and recent photography BFA graduate with departmental honors from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His photographs delve into acute explorations of the natural world and are highly influenced by matters of natural history, including botany, meteorology, and astronomy. Perkins is also the Online Exhibition Curator & Digital Lab Manager at Aviary Gallery in Jamaica Plain, MA.
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