FROM HERE ON OUT          

float with both feet

hannah altman

Float with Both Feet constructs fabricated narratives as the hinges of feminine archetypal structures pivot around them. This project explores interconnected gestures between the body and its surrounding environment, considering the intricate web of refraction that unfurls between subject, object, and maker. Each element is sensitized by the light of another surface. The portrait, as presented here, exists in dreamlike unstable relation to something else; not quite here, nor there, but always starkly present.


Hannah Altman is a Jewish American artist from New Jersey. Her work considers relationships between body, interiority, feminine performance, lineage, and the structures that perpetuate them using photographic based media. She has exhibited with the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Junior High Gallery, and the University of Passau Germany. Her work has been published in the Carnegie Museum of Art Storyboard, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, i-D, and others. She has presented lectures on her work and research across the country, including Yale University, Franklin & Marshall College, and the Six x Ate artist lecture series. She is an MFA candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University. You can view more of her work here.