FROM HERE ON OUT          

hostile valley
harlan crichton


Through the combination of image, local folklore and childhood memories I am responding to the violent, often surreal, nature of small town life. While photographing I have a constant unease in my stomach. I imagine every thump and snap coming from someone or something watching me, waiting in ambush to tear me apart. When I was home alone as a child I would keep a hatchet close by. This body of work is an attempt to discover and display what causes this dread. These fears, I know, are speculative, based on an imagination raised on horror movies, mythology and role-playing games. However, regardless of my reassurances I shine my flashlight behind me, searching for something unknowable in the darkness.


Harlan Crichton is an artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. He received his BFA in photography from Maine College of Art in 2012. He is currently a second year MFA photography candidate at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His work explores the ideas surrounding childhood memories, folklore and place. More of his work can see at