FROM HERE ON OUT          

recent work 
sarah phyillis smith


Her work explores photography’s inherent relationship with nostalgia and the ways in which a photograph can ask us to look backwards while remaining grounded in the present. Stemming from autobiographical experiences, her work explores expectations of and attachment to personal photographic images. Revisiting the same subjects over and over again, she spends years constructing a quiet narrative that casts the landscape as a leading character. Using a lens that blends truth, poetry, and abstraction, she presents a view of the past, present, and future all in one moment.


Sarah Phyllis Smith (b. 1986 Middletown, NY) is a photographer and educator based in Utica, NY where she is Assistant Professor of Photography at PrattMWP. Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include Where the Great Lakes Leap to the Sea at The Shed Space in Brooklyn, NY and Fish Hotel at Vanderbilt University. Her work has also recently shown at Perspectives Gallery at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Ground Floor Gallery (Nashville), Whitespace Gallery (Atlanta), Roman Susan Gallery (Chicago), Wedge Projects (Chicago).