FROM HERE ON OUT          

siri burt

A tension, an air with mass. Addictive in it’s foreboding power. It’s always held a place of distance and desire. It’s the space between the two middle school bodies, the declared space for jesus. It’s the two stiff arms jutting from shoulders to hands floating sweatily over a hip. It’s the gap between two sneakers swaying back and forth yet still in place. It’s one mouth parting to make room for the other. It’s the other still shut. Taut so it never leaves room to collapse.

Siri Burt is a 22 year old Brooklyn based photographer who recently graduated with her BFA in Photography and Video from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. In her series “TAUT” Siri works with the idea of tension both platonic and romantic using faceless figures to leave the subject anonymous. More of her work can see at